Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Handwoven Wall Tapestry

Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Handwoven Wall Tapestry by Ingrid Hjelmvik Welander


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About this item

Important, unique piece handwoven Scandinavian vintage tapestry from 1979 by Ingrid Hjelmvik Welander. Signed lower right and to the backside written in Swedish (English translation) Do you see the sea? Do you hear the wind? Hear the air playing. Hear the heart ring. Become queen for every sunny day. Comp. and woven Ingrid Welander Jönköping May 1979  Excellent condition.

Dimensions: 95 x 107 cm.

Ingrid Hjelmvik Welander is a textile artist, one of the last remaining midcentury Swedish rug/textile designers. She was born in Gothenburg in 1926 and worked for Jönköping’s County Craft Association for 35 years, from 1951-1986, where she still lives.

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