Scandinavian Design Ceramic Bear, EGO Stengods

Stoneware Bear figurine made by EGO Stengods, Sweden, 1984.


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About this item

Scandinavian Design Ceramic Bear, EGO Stengods (Stoneware), Lidköping, Sweden 1984.
This brown glazed ceramic bear by EGO Lidköping Sweden, is an exquisite piece, very rare and hard to find. In excellent condition.

Length 28 cm, Height 12 cm

Bears were among other models and designs that EGO Stengods offered.
As animal representation in decorative arts were very demanded, many companies were producing them. Decorating your home is a  personal thing, so, this Vintage Scandinavian Design Ceramic Bear by EGO would make an excellent addition to your home decor.

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