Emile Galle Souffle Bowl

Very rare Emile Gallé museum piece amber glass bowl, molded in form (soufflé)


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About this item

Museum Piece

Emile Gallé, Nancy. Souffle bowl, circa 1900.
Amber glass, molded in form (soufflé), enamel in red-brown, brown and orange, gold details. Signed: Gallé.

Width 13.3 cm (5.24 in.) x Depth 9 cm (3.54 in.) x Height 6.3 cm (2.38 in.)

Condition: Excellent

References: Hilschenz-Mlynek / Ricke, Glassammlung Hentrich Düsseldorf, München 1985, p. 220. inv.nr.P1970-196

For the dating see similar decorated bowl in Bergen Westfälische Kunst Industrie Museum (Journal of Glass Studies vol.3 1963) page 106, fig. F; E. 1900). A vase in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, dated 1900 (inv. no. 1622-1900) is similar in conception. For a bowl with a similar decoration see, for example, Blount 1968, Fig. 22 300.
The décor was also produced in a version for etched overlay; cf. German Art and Decoration, vol. XV, 1904, 05, p. 136.

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