Pierre Donna

Just a nice subject, contemporary sculpture, patinated metal, symbolizing the warm and protection of the parents for their child. Svelte lines, refined shape, can fit within any room decoration.
Pierre Donna, contemporary artist, born 1965, mostly known as a sculptor, he starts to explore new way to express his creativity by trying a new technique – painting on Plexiglas (around 2012).
“Je recherche toujours la limite, ce moment où tout est prêt à basculer, où la chute n’est pas loin”.
“I always research the limit, when everything’s ready to rock, where the fall is not far away”
… the artist said.

Pierre Chiaradonna, alias Donna is an autodidact artist, released of the clear artistic conventional assumptions. His work is a constant interlacing of the two parallel universes: the imaginary and the real.

Descending of an old family of niçoise origin, Pierre Chiarradonna with his wife Sylvie, are doing more than continuing the legacy of his parents.  In the morning they are both running an adorable pasta boutique in Place du Marché, Draguignan, Aux Pâtes fraîches, inherited from his parents, but in the afternoon, he becomes Pierre Donna, resigning to his other great passion, working with metal and shaping remarkable contemporary sculptures.

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