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Ico Parisi retro-furniture in trend!

One of our favorite Italian designers, Ico Parisi takes a well deserved place in our hearts and, of course, in our inventory. We never hesitate to acquire piece designed by Ico Parisi! Recently we found a wonderful pair of armchairs, which we let it be restored and reupholstered in a very beautiful and on fashion

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A beautiful, unusually Murano technique: SCAVO

One of the most unusual Murano techniques is the one so called “a scavo”. The “scavo” technique refers only to the materials surface and was used for the first time at beginning of the 50’s by Alfredo Barbini and Cenedese, glass makers who used to work with heavy weight glass items (so called “pesanti” in

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Gustave Keller Teapot
candle snuffer

Gustave Keller Orfevre

 We always loved exquisite items and we are trying to find them as much as possible. We present you as following from our inventory two items made by the one of the most renowned and appreciate orfevres in Paris: Gustave Keller. A gorgeous teapot and warmer, of an exquisite design, in the pure style of

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Séraphin Van den Hoeck, furniture maker

Probably most part of the lovers of the decorative arts, of course, not the amateurs of specific author design, will ask themselves who is Séraphin Van den Hoeck, this name almost beeing invisible on the auction houses lists, galleries inventory or specialized websites. Born in 1904, Séraphin Van den Hoeck was the son of the

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Charles Murat – a jeweler in the nineteenth century

About Charles Murat and Maison Murat we didn’t know to much information… until one day, when we acquired a beautiful, funny egg-holder, which made us curious. This egg-cup is so beautiful and fine chiseled that we had to know more about the author! Charles Murat started his career by manufacturing jewellery and gold-plated wares. Murat,

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Aldo Morbelli – Italian Architect

Makassar Gallery new acquisition: Very rare pair of armchairs by Aldo Morbelli ALDO MORBELLI  – Orsara ( Alexandria ) 01/08/1903 – Torino 02/08/1963 Graduate: Faculty of Architecture of Rome, 1926 Profile realized with the help of Guido Morbelli Attended the Technical School in Alexandria, Aldo Morbelli he moved with his family to Turin in 1920,

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