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Barker Bros.

KEM Weber

Designed in1935, for Lloyd Manufacturing by Karl Emmanuel Martin (KEM) Weber (1889 -1963), this supremely comfortable American Art Deco chair is known as the “Springer” chair. Very comfortable, it can be used like a rocking chair, this one has been reupholstered in cognac leather, pillows filled up with down –  it is an amazing chair,

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acorn necklace

Plastic jewelry

Although I am not a big fan of plastic (I’m a woman and prefer the “stones”, the real stones! 🙂 ), I must admit that plastic jewelries have charm! …and they are very collectible!I won’t get very much into plastic history – either we talk about Bakelite, Lucite, Celluloid, Catalin, Galalith etc – cause anybody

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liquor cabinet

The beautiful Liquor Cabinets

“Liquor Cabinet: a box divided into compartments or small piece offurniture containing small bottles and liqueur glasses” LAROUSSE dictionary. We are glad to present you a work of art, an amazing liquor cabinet made by the famous cabinet maker Alphonse Tahan, official ébéniste de l’Empereur or master cabinet maker to Emperor Napoleon III and his

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Andre Lavaysse

Andre Lavaysse

André LAVAYSSE was a french sculptor, draughtsman and art restorer. Born in 17 April 1906, in Gourdon, he died 15 May 1991, in Choisy-le-Roi. André Lavaysse started his training in Cahors, before moving to Paris, where he was guided by Charles Despiau. André Lavaysse is a figurative sculptor, whose work is important and is including

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Expressionism – the beginning

Corresponding with a friend, Van Gogh explain some of the secrets of his art and his inspiration. Expressionism still had not appeared, but the words of Van Gogh, an initiator, prefigured ever since a new attitude that had to oppose impressionism. After several pages of discussion and theory, Van Gogh was writes the following: “Let’s

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Bertoncello Ceramic

 We started to collect Bertoncello Ceramic as we loved it at first sight. We like the earthen colors, the shades, the textures, but first of all we liked the shapes.  When we started collecting them, nobody knew to much about… so we gathered some information here so you, our faithful reader, can find out about

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art nouveau

Auguste Jean one of the best glass enamellers

An enamelled, gilded and applied glass vase in Japanese Style by Auguste Jean, France around 1880 Flattened ovoid vase realized in transparent blue glass. Fold over dripping rim and applied tear drop shaped ornaments, heat-enameled decoration with gilt enhancements and folded ribbons with Japanese ornamental details, surrounded by flowering sprigs.Four applied legs support the body.

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Art Deco

Bruno Paul – Deutschen Werkstätten Hellerau, Dresden

Bruno Paul (1874 – 1968) was a renowned german architect, furniture designer and cartoonist.(more details about his life and activity here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Paul ) We love Bruno Paul’s design, with its clean straight lines, especially that he used a lot the wood we like the most: the macassar wood. We are always looking for macassar wood

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